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Hi, my name is Ian McKenzie. I am the guy who designed and maintains this site. If you would like to contact me you could do so by clicking on my photo or name to the left. That will take you to my personal Facebook page where you could leave me a personal message.

Alternatively feel free to send me a text message on 0403 543 827

Ian McKenzie

Fashion and photography go together like “peas in a pod”, or “hands in gloves”. I am sorry, but I could not resist the clichés.

This web site is called “Jimboomba Fashion and Photography”. If you live within a reasonable driving distance from Jimboomba, and you have the need for some special fashions, perhaps a cocktail dress or even a wedding gown, for that special event, then it is important you further explore this site.

If you are like most of us and you don’t have access to unlimited funds, perhaps renting may be an affordable option to purchasing.

We all treasure photographic records of important events. The usual options normally are choosing between using our own point and shoot digital cameras and mobile phones, or going to the expense of hiring a commercial photographer. There are alternative options.

Photographers with quality equipment have made a considerable financial outlay. You will generally find also that for every hour a photographer spends taking photographs, she or he will spend many more hours in post-processing the photographs. Then there is the knowledge, skills and expertise that the photographer has gained, normally over many years. Most commercial photographers in my opinion do not over charge. They deserve the fees that they charge. They are doing this as their job!

Photography has never been work for me, it has always been my passion. My work has always been in other areas. I have never wanted nor tried to do photography as a job, it would not be anywhere near as enjoyable to me if it was. Suppose I was to seriously cost out my time and allow for a reasonable return on my investment in equipment, and do photography as a job, then most people could not afford the fees I would have to charge.

I don’t charge, nor do I ever plan to charge for taking photographs. Nor do I photograph weddings or other important events even on a voluntary basis as the primary photographer, where there is a high level of responsibility required. That would then be work for me.

Being now in a position of semi-retirement, I am able to spend more time on photography as my passion, not my job. What I generally expect in return for free photo shoots is for those I photograph to sign Model Releases, giving me copyright to the said photographs.

On the Links page of this web site, I have a link to my Facebook page. That would probably be the best option if you are endeavouring to get in contact with me. That is probably currently also the best option for getting in touch with Lou Lou’s Fashion snapshop Facebook page. You will find the link to it also on the Links page.

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“Love is in the Air” was published as a paperback. It has a large format 8.5 inches X 11 inches and has 88 pages which contains hundreds of my colour photographs, hundreds of love quotations and love poems from famous poets.

The publication is now available as an instant download e-book from Google Play, and it costs less than $5.00. Click on the book cover to the left to go to the Google Play listing of the book

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